Ignite Your Testing, Optimisation & Scaling With 
The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook
Sorry, this Training Program is NO LONGER AVAILABLE

The good news is it has been replaced with something better!

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  • It took me TWO YEARS to finally figure out a formula that would work for me. I read, listened, attended, paid but still didn't manage to profit and scale predictably.

  • Spent a year boosting posts thinking that was the only way to run ads
  • Couldn't make sense of the range of targeting and ad options
  • Found very little practical help let alone guidance on exactly what I should be doing
  • Was close to giving up on Facebook Ads as a viable advertising platform
  • Found a formula that worked back in 2014, that's continued to pay dividends today!
I've not had it easy, working my up the corporate ladder as a self-taught marketer. I learned SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, TV advertising, you name it. I was always curious about the possibilities of Marketing until I realised just how powerful Facebook was.

- I wasted hundreds if not thousands trying to test things out without know how to get things working

- I struggled to repeat my successes as I failed to develop a strategy, relying on chance

- I always felt Facebook was against me; just when things got working the rug was pulled from beneath me

- I felt inferior looking at other people's results, wondering what their secrets were...
Does any of that resonate?
My first success was with a company called Lost My Name (now Wonderbly) in 2014 - we became the poster child for Facebook due to our amazing success!
I helped scale them from 6 to 8 figures ($26.5M) in the space of 18 months.
"Depesh was instrumental in taking Wonderbly (previously Lost My Name) from a bootstrapped project to over 1 million units sold worldwide in 18 months. He joined as a growth consultant and quickly scaled our sales through his expertise with Facebook ads, making Wonderbly one of the fastest growing startups on the Facebook platform at the time. 
There can't be many that know Facebook ads better than him."

- Asi Sharabi (Founder, Wonderbly)
After that I consulted for a few different companies, and helped them also grow through Facebook ads which got me thinking...
Facebook's Blueprint course is a good primer to understanding how to make Facebook ads work, but I found the secret that most courses overlook.
I decided to package this up for my agency into training material, which then became the basis for this training course.

The course contains the exact same frameworks, strategies and tactics that have helped me to create growth for companies of all sizes and niches.

Like the Ecommerce company where Facebook was responsible for the majority of growth with over $26.5million annual revenue.

Or the lead gen and digital product businesses hitting 1000-20000% ROAS (return on ad spend).

The course is built to provide you with structure and repeatable processes to test, optimise and scale your campaigns.

If you're actively running Facebook ads campaigns this course is for you.

If you're overseeing someone, a team or an agency running Facebook ads, there is also enough strategic content to give you an edge in understanding how to push them harder.

If however you or your team have never run Facebook ads before, this course is NOT for you as I don't cover the absolute basics which I recommend learning through Facebook's FREE Blueprint course.

This course is aimed at hands-on marketers, entrepreneurs, agency owners and consultants within ecommerce and digital product lead gen/sales.
Hi, I'm Depesh Mandalia. 

A Facebook Ads Agency Owner, Coach, Trainer, International Speaker and 
Advisor to Facebook.
I actually wanted to be a games designer when I was younger.

After learning to code websites in my late teens I became fascinated with the world of the internet.

In 2005 I joined a company to manage their website and in the 4.5 years I was there, helped add millions to their growth through Conversion Rate Optimisation and SEO.

Disaster then struck in 2009 when I was made redundant due to the global financial crisis. Weeks and months went by and no one was hiring. I fell into depression, only saved by my wife who'd also only recently given birth to our 2nd child.

It's after this that I decided I needed to set my own path and not work for others.

In 2010-11 I created a million dollar Affiliate Marketing business, only to have lost it all by the middle of 2012 - I was over confident and took my eye off the ball, losing out to changes Google made to organic search. 

Fighting depression helped to make me more resilient this time around, but it was hard to be set back, again.

I contracted again in various roles before I made the breakthrough with Facebook Ads in 2014 after lots of mistakes and learnings two years prior.

After helping companies make millions after that, I started an agency, SM Commerce which now serves clients across North America and Europe including Canon, Fitlife.TV (Organifi) and others.
I've enjoyed being part of the Facebook 'inner circle' for several years, talking at their roadshows, joining internal meetings and providing feedback to help them improve their products & services.

I've met Senior Execs through to Engineers and Product Managers in my quest to better understand how the platform works.

Years of time dedicated to attending events, providing feedback and 
validating some of my strategies with the very best strategists at Facebook.

It's both an honour and privilege to work closely with Facebook and to know 
they turn to ME for advice and feedback. 

But there's something I'd like to know from you.
This PROGRAM has been designed to help you achieve better, predictable results.

As long as you have some experience running ads, this is the PROGRAM that will help you level-up your experience.

I've designed the PROGRAM to allow for a structured walk through as well as allow you to dive into the modules most relevant for you.

However, having taken courses in the past, the best are the ones that offer guidance and support.

The Mastermind group is my commitment to supporting you during the course. You'll have the opportunity to join Live Q&A webinars where I'll answer your questions plus you can drop questions in the group that I'm fully active in.

Hear What Others Have To Say

Akbar Sheikh

Creator of multiple 7 figures businesses, winner of Shark Tank and a client of Depesh's.
"His strategic insights have provided my company with the means to scale several times over within just a matter of months, and the value we received was worth COUNTLESS times the investment paid him. Depesh Mandalia is truly a rare gem, secret weapon, SUPER POWER that any business could benefit by having on their side of the table."

- Anand Houston (Agency owner)
"Depesh is the GOTO Guy when it comes to run Facebook Ad campaign... Detailed guidance, truly genuine, he really wants to help you turn your campaign into a big Success and have all the Expertise needed!"

- Fanny Myth (Facebook Ads consultant)
And Did I Mention, I LOVE Over-delivering?
Here's a FREE event I hosted AT Facebook's London HQ for students on the course. Pretty cool right?
Those on the beta version of the course found tremendous value throughout
Hear What Others Have To Say About Depesh
Akbar Sheikh
Have recently helped several funnels reach 7 figures. Won a shark tank event in San Fransisco where one of the judges was the co-founder of iTunes.
"His strategic insights have provided my company with the means to scale several times over within just a matter of months, and the value we received was worth COUNTLESS times the investment paid him. Depesh Mandalia is truly a rare gem, secret weapon, SUPER POWER that any business could benefit by having on their side of the table."

- Anand Houston

"Depesh is the GOTO Guy when it comes to run Facebook Ad campaign with high budget. Detailed guidance, truly genuine, he really wants to help you turn your campaign into a big Success and have all the Expertise needed!"

- Fanny Myth
The Facebook Ads Playbook
3 Reasons To Join This Course:
  • 15+ Years of Marketing Knowledge: I'm a marketer and entrepreneur first, Facebook Ads Pro second. This course is steeped in marketing knowledge to give you tools and strategies not found in any other Facebook Ads course.
  • Group coaching from me: I charge $1000 for a one hour consult and strategy session - you'll get hours of my time included throughout the course and via the mastermind group.
  • Bonus material: I've compiled up additional material and will continue to add to it ensuring you stay ahead of the game (available in the membership portal) including case studies, hacks and tips, navigating Policy and more.
  • ROCK-SOLID Guarantee: If the training doesn't work for you I'll apply a full refund AND pay you $100 for your time - just show me what you've applied and where/why it didn't work within 30 days.
You'll also get the latest insight from our Facebook rep, learn the latest via my advisory position with Facebook aaaaaaand, get priority access to attend live Q&A calls with industry experts.

Plus our Course Messenger bot will ensure you stay up to date with everything throughout the course.
Not only do I get insider news fast, or the best support... I also get to have my super helpful Facebook Rep joining in quarterly business calls in my Mastermind group!

Who else can offer that hey?
Here's The Course Outline And What You'll Get Today
  • The 4 Funnel System (£1000 value) - how to create and structure an account to help you optimise your results better.
  • The 3N Ads Formula (£1000 value) - my favourite module, on how to get people to stop scrolling, engage and take action from your ads.
  • Pixel & Data Mastery (£1000 value) - how to get the best out of your pixel and setting up your insights reporting.
  • Bonus: Audience & Funnel Cheatsheet (£500 value) - a breakdown of audiences to use and at what stage in the funnel to use them
  • The Graduation Framework (£3000 value) - my signature module that's served me well for so many years, despite the changes within Facebook which teaches you how to test audiences and creatives efficiently without wasting spend.
  • STAR Method Testing (£500 value) - a simple but effective way of running and tracking tests.
  • Ads Sniper Strategy (£1000 value) - a simple but big impact strategy to squeeze better profitability from your campaigns
  • Sales Funnel Optimisation (£2000 value) - a breakdown of tools and techniques I use to improve CPA through conversion rate improvements in your sales funnel.
  • Scaling Strategies (£2000 value) - The V & H scaling strategies including an over-the-shoulder live demo of a 3-day scaling strategy I conducted on an account
  • Auction Mastery (£1000 value) - understand how the auction works in simple but deep terms and how to make that work in your favour
  • Automation & Rules (£2000 value) - the tool I prefer to use and the rules I like to put in place to help control cost and to scale on auto-pilot
  • Regular live Q&A coaching calls (£2000 value) - opportunity for you to get support on the training material or your business directly from me and my team
  •  BONUS MODULE: A high ticket sales funnel we used for a £6000 coaching client, fully mapped out and ready for you to swipe (works on products over £500)
  •  BONUS MODULE: Facebook Ads for Ecom - valued at £997 I'm including this into the 7-figure Playbook program too (insane value, I know but I want you to succeed).
  • BONUS MODULE: GDPR for Facebook Ads! After many weeks of research, liaising directly with Facebook's policy team and discussion with experts in forums I've put together my approach and recommendation for GDPR (for you if you're trading in the EU).

  • ​Regular updates to the training modules to keep up with the latest Facebook changes
  • ​8 Weeks Access included to the private Mastermind group (£598 value)
  •  Founding member discount if you wish to continue with the Mastermind subscription (£99/m instead of the usual £299/m) after 2 months
  • ​Access through me to the latest news from Facebook in my role as an Advisor
  • ​Access to a former Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneur, Agency Owner and Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Business Owner (that's me, by the way).
Packaged up that's around 
£20K in VALUE
You might be thinking 'how do you stack those $ values up Depesh'?

This is what it typically costs for a short-term contract to work with my agency.

These are the exact same principles we use every day to help client's optimise and scale.

The value you see is the value we bring to clients and what I've been delivering for many years.

Did I mention I charge my personal time out at $1000 per hour? The 4 hours of calls during the coaching program are $4000 value alone.
Despite the value of the course, I'm costing this at a tenth of the true value. No other coaching program comes close to what's inside.
Join today and start smashing your performance with a full training program (for Ecom, Lead Gen, Digital Products and more) and 
8-week coaching plus more
just £1997
Why? Because this is a hands-on training program where I personally coach and mentor YOU to enable you to grow your business and because I already have over 100 students that are using and profiting from this TODAY and because I want to continue making this an ELITE training program to ACCELERATE your business growth right now and because of my personal support I can only support a certain number of students at any time.
You can also get started today for £799 with the payment plan
(3 X £799 per month).

Are you ready to invest in your learning, your success, your confidence and the ability to grow profits and revenue for your own company or the companies that you work with? Over and over and over and over again?

A one-off fee that gets me working as part of your team.

That gives you access to a private mastermind group of like minded individuals on the same journey, plus immediate access to the course and invite to the Mastermind, including hosted chats with external experts.

What difference could that make for your business today? Tomorrow? In weeks? Months?

Get started today for just £1997 and join the band of Facebook marketers that know how to profit and scale.

I will personally join you on the journey of sky rocketing your business growth through my experience as an entrepreneur, marketer and of course Facebook ads expert.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Ready To Go?

Your order is 100% Secure

Don't forget the ROCK-SOLID guarantee that if the course doesn't deliver results for you within 30 days of you learning, implementing and using the support Mastermind I'll refund the cost AND give you £100 compensation.
Questions You Might Have
What's included?

There are 5 modules, with multiple lessons supported by videos and downloads ready for you to use. 

You'll also have access to fortnightly calls, to use as you need to in the private coaching group to gain priority access to me and my team after which you can decide to continue to subscribe to (rate to be confirmed) or leave. The course remains yours fully.

I can't afford the training course are there any concessions?

The course is pitched at those already advertising on Facebook, that want to invest in themselves and their business.

It is aimed at both business owners running their own ads and marketers runnings ads for businesses they consult or work for, to gain a better understanding and use best practices to manage and grow their campaigns.

If you fall under those categories but can't afford the course, I'd first recommend you take full advantage of the free training offered by Facebook Blueprint, and then to search YouTube and Facebook groups to learn from others and by asking questions.

With this course you're paying for the convenience of having all the support setup in terms of videos and coaching, packaged up into a structure you can implement.

You could learn all this yourself, however it would take many years and lots of money to reach the level in this course.

I've structured the course in a way that you can join from any level.

If you're group buying for your team get in touch with me directly to see what we can do.

If you're a non-profit or charity organisation please get in touch for a 50% discount, with your organisation's name, objective and registered company number.

What happens if I change my mind?

Please consider carefully whether this course is right for you. It's priced to help those already spending on Facebook Ads to become even more profitable. I want to work with students that understand how investments work and know investing in this course is with the intent of generating even more money back from them. 

It's a high value course which if you implement the learnings and make use of the Mastermind can at least 10X the investment you put in. I'm there to support you too!

If however you do sign up and take the course, fully implementing everything and see no results, shoot me over an email within 30 days and we'll discuss where the course went wrong for you and refund you. 

Can I take the training course without coaching?

In future there will be a reduced cost to take the training course without coaching for those that just want direct access to the material at a lower rate.

There may also be a case if the private coaching group grows too big to limit the number of people there to enable the group coaching to reach as many people as possible.

For now the offer includes access to the Mastermind group.

Can I join the private coaching group without the training course?

Yes, this is planned but isn't yet available. 

Do I have to pay it all in one go?

No. Follow the link to view the payment plan.

What payment options are there?

At this stage we only have card payment available (via Stripe), Apple and Android pay.

In future we expect to add more payment options.
What do I need to know before starting the course?

You're expected to know how to create campaigns, audiences and the basics of the platform. This course won't cover those basics and I highly recommend taking the free Facebook Blueprint course if you're a beginner AND spending money on ads before considering this course.

I'm not running an Ecommerce store, can I still join?

Yes! The course is ideal for Ecommerce, Digital Products, Courses, Lead Generation and App Install. 

I still want to take the course despite being a beginner

That's entirely your call - the Mastermind is a mix of experience levels and I'm happy to support beginners, but it's important to understand the course itself does assume basic knowledge of the ads platform (like how to upload email lists).

How long is the private coaching for?

The private coaching gives you 8 weeks access as part of the training programme. This is sufficient time to take the training and apply it successfully to your business.

It also allows for new members to join and gain the same support you will.

You can continue access to the private coaching community through a monthly membership fee once your included time is over.

How quickly will I see results?

If you have a great offer/product, a well defined audience, great content and a well oiled sales funnel then you can expect to see great results in weeks.

It takes time to learn and apply each part of the training and so how long results take depend on your ability to implement, learn and improve.

To give you a benchmark, I recently took on a client with a great product/offer, great content and well oiled sales funnel and it took me about 5 days from a cold start to make the account profitable and to start scaling into the thousands per day of ad spend.

That's after practising everything in the training for very many years.

Or perhaps take the example of a French student that attended my mastermind, applied a tip of the iceberg of what he learned and was running more profitable ads the VERY NEXT DAY.

There is no straight answer however if you've implemented the training and can't see results within 30 days, together with the coaching support contact me and we can discuss it further.

That's also why the coaching group is included, to support you along the way.

Can I work with you 1-2-1?

Yes. I offer 1-2-1 coaching, consulting and done with you services. My hourly rate is $1000, reduced to $500 for students.

Can I hire your agency?

We have a waiting list of companies wishing to work with us so at this time our in-take is only via direct referral.

Is my payment and personal detail secure?

Your payment is managed by Stripe and sent securely via HTTPS so it's as secure as other customers of Stripe such as Target, Warby Parker, Lyft and Deliveroo to name a few globally known companies. 

Your membership details are stored within ClickFunnels, which is a software tool we use to host the membership site and is secured through their privacy system. ClickFunnels has processed over $100M worth of transactions over the years and are a trusted software provider for this membership course.
Ready to get started?

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